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These are cameras that I use on my shoots whether it is for clients or for personal use

Canon Eos 5D Mark III

This Camera is my main work horse camera. Most of my photoshoots and video shoots since late 2012 have been shot on this camera. Even today, it is still a nice all-around camera that will get the job done very well. 

Canon Eos 5D Mark II

This full-frame camera is still a great camera (when properly use). I also made a video about this camera right here: Canon Eos 5D Mark II

Canon Eos 70d

The 70d is a crop sensor camera that does not only have a nice 20mp with dual pixel technology. But with a crop sensor, this means that I don't have to invest in as many lenses. with the existing lenses that I have for Canon DSLRs, this means that I don't have to invest a lot into more telephoto lenses thus making my camera bag a little bit lighter as well. I also made an unboxing video here: Canon Eos 70 Unboxing

Canon eos m50

The Canon eos M50 is a mid-range entry level mirrorless camera from Canon. For the price (under 500 euros as of this time period, July 2018), this camera can deliver very good results especially for videos. I mainly use this camera for many of my videos such as YouTube vlogs and normal videos. This camera, just like my 70d, offers Dual AF (but better). This feature is very convenient when I am filming vlogs or anything that requires me being in front of the camera or in situations where I cannot operate the focus of this camera (such as when operating with two or more cameras).  

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Canon Eos M10

This is an entry level mirrorless camera from Canon. It has a very nice big APSC 19mp sensor that can really produce good quality images. I also have used this camera from some of my photoshoots and this camera performed very well. This camera is also suited for situations where I cannot or don't want to bring my big DSLR cameras to the shoot but I still need to take high quality photos then this camera would be perfect for the job. I also think that this camera is an over looked camera, despite not having the best video quality in the world but it is certainly not that bad when properly filmed. 

I made a review about this camera and what I think about it right here:Canon Eos M 10 Review

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Fuji x-t1

Fuji x-t1 is an older semi-professional camera from Fuji and it is a crop sensor camera that offers a high image quality. The colour science and colour reproduction as well as rendition is very beautiful. Despite the age of the camera, the dynamic range when shooting in RAW is definitely good enough for delivering beautiful images. The camera is also weather sealed which is ideal for taking pictures in the more extreme environment where it might be to challenging for non-weather-sealed cameras. 

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Fuji x-t20

Fuji x-t20 is an entry semi-professional level camera from Fuji. This camera is indeed a crop frame camera but is able to deliver great quality images and nice video recording. I usually use this camera for street photography because of how small and light this camera is as well as the image quality it can deliver. The colour rendition and reproduction is still not as good as Canon, but that is subjective and it is only in my opinion. For video, this camera still has some digital artefacts and still does not have good autofocusing system for video features (so not good for vloging much nor use it as an interview style B camera). But overall, it will deliver good image quality and nice camera to carry around as my street and some time travel photography camera.  

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Panasonic Lumix G7 / G70

This camera is another camera in my camera kit that I mainly use for making some of my YouTube videos. I haven't use this camera a lot because the colour science of this camera is not really good and the dynamic range is not good in photography either. However, with the ability to change lenses, this means that I can use this camera to film with different perspective and effects. The low light quality of this camera is also not that good when compare to some compact cameras that have even smaller sensors. I also made a video about this camera right here: Panasonic Lumix G7/G70 (my thoughts/review) 

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Panasonic Lumix Lx100

This compact camera is a very compact that is very capable of producing some really nice images and videos. That being said, this camera does have the typical weird Panasonic colour science (especially in the skin tone areas). This camera is also very slow for example, after switching the camera on, I need to wait at least 7 seconds before I can actually press the record button and when playback my images and photos, the camera isn't that fast at it. This camera also have good RAW files and I made some photoshoots with this camera. I mainly use this camera when traveling with friends as I can take really good travel videos with friends as well as take good enough photos for my diary and share them on social media with friends. 

I also made a video about this camera right here: Panasonic Lumix Lx100

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Fujifilm Instax Wide 300

This camera can come in handy when doing taking location pictures and pictures that would go in the diary either as a memory or as a reference to certain things. I also made an unboxing video of this camera here: Fujifilm Instax Wide 300 unboxing

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