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My one day in Düsseldorf

Carrying on with filmmaking/making the videos for my second episode for my new YouTube series (Photopoints 24), for this episode, I am traveling with my friend to Düsseldorf for one entire day! This plan was spontaneously made in the middle of our trip in Cologne (Köln) - Germany.

During this trip (being a one-day trip), we did not have a lot of time to spend at one location and we also had to walk a lot (and very quickly as well). That said, no matter how fast we walked and how on schedule we tried to be, we ended up missing our train back to Cologne...! Haha! :)

List of visited places:

1. Nordpark's Japanese Park

2. Schloss (Palace) Benrath

3. Old Tow (Altstadt)

4. Königsallee

5. River

6. Central Station



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