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1 Day in Vienna

We arrived in Vienna in the rainy evening. We noticed the differences right away between Salzburg and Vienna after exiting the train. It's not my first time in Vienna (i actually like Vienna quite a bit) but we notice just how much noisier, dirtier, and more crowded it is in Vienna. Don't get me wrong, it is still a very nice city with beautiful streets and arts everywhere but one couldn't help but notice the difference between the two cities especially when one just came from that city. Any way, the next day we decided to start exploring the city early in the morning when we still kind of have the city to ourselves. the day started very cloudy and rained a little later during the day. It's also the day when I happen to upset my friend because I broke my phone so I went quiet the entire day... (so sorry about that...) That being said, the weather turned nicer in the afternoon and we revisited some places to retake certain pictures (which you will see down below in the photo gallery as well). We also went to one of the most famous music houses in Vienna and had a metre long spare ribs for dinner (which you will also see in the photo gallery down below). :-)

More information in the video below:

Postcards from Vienna:

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