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Aachen Christmas Market

I am not sure whether or not to call it a lucky day or a close-call day. As it's final exams time for my university, we thought maybe it would be nice to just spontaneously visit one of the german Christmas markets. the nearest city with nice Christmas markets is in the city called "Aachen". We had to take the train from Rotterdam to Maastricht and from Maastricht we had to take the bus to Aachen. This is where luck part comes in, the bus that was supposed to cost quite a bit of money for us was actually free on that specific day... Had he plan it for any other day, we would have to pay for the bus ride for both ways. With the free bus ride, this meant that we had even more money to get more food/drinks at the Christmas markets in Aachen! Being me, I took so many photos of Aachen Christmas market and I have to say that despite the fact that I do like the city very much, the Christmas market really made me feel like I haven't exited the Netherlands yet as a lot of people who were there came from the Netherlands... So almost everywhere I turned it, I'd hear Dutch... (I have nothing against dutch language but I was also looking to have the German vibe at the time).

Here are some postcards:

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