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6 hours in The Hague (Den Haag)

A spontaneous trip to the Hague.

The Hague is a big city located near Delft and Rotterdam and it is under an hour (depending on which train you take) from/to Amsterdam. This trip is a little bit different from other trips as I forgot my list of places to visit at home, so we had to improvise where we would like to visit. However, we did cover some of the popular 'must see' places in the Hague (as you will see in the photo). (We also got a nice seagull as our model).

Places we've visited:

1. Central Station

2. The Mauritshuis

3. The Binnenhof

4. Ridderzaal: The Knights' Hall

5. The Prison Gate Museum

6. The Peace Palace

7. Noordeinde Palace

8. Scheveningen Beach

9. Full Moon Restaurant in China Town



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