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4 Cities in 1 Day

What a better way to spend a nice Sunday with friends at 4 different cities. We decided to travel to four different cities in the Netherlands that are "nearby" Rotterdam. We would start at the city that was at the furthest to the nearest city.

This is our list:

1. Tulburg

2. Den Bosch

3. Breda

4. Dordrecht

This trip was more of a fun trip with friends rather than exploring the details of every cities as all of us at one point been to one or two of these cities before. Geographically speaking, we should have started at Den Bosch and not Tilburg but there was this big second hand market even taking place in Tilburg and we thought it might be better to visit Tilburg first and then head over to Den Bosch. We didn't really enjoy Tilburg that much because there wasn't a lot to be seen (and I made the right decision to stay in Rotterdam and not move to Tilburg for my studies...). If we had to rank them, it would be like:

1. Dordrecht

2. Den Bosch

3. Breda

4. Tilburg

However, we Breda wasn't that bad, if anything, we really liked it equally as Den Bosch.

Here are some of the postcards: (not a lot since most of the cities I knew already and have too many pictures of already.. and during the day I took a lot of pictures of my friends...)

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