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1 day in Hallstatt

After the constant raining and cloudy weather since we got to Austria, the sun finally shines through the clouds exposing a very nice blue sky on the day we decided to go to Hallstatt. We took the bus from our hotel in Salzburg to Bad Ischl railway station. There we had to take the train that would take us directly to Hallstatt lake. From Hallstatt lake, we took a ferry to the city itself. We only spent one day there and started the day at around 10:30AM. The cost for transportation for both ways was approximately 21 euros. Hallstatt is not that big, so you can take your time and and walking in with a slow pace to get the feel of the place as well as take more time to focus on taking your pictures as well. There are also viewpoints as well as high points where you can walk up and take pictures.

All in all, Hallstatt is a very nice place and I will certainly visit this place again (maybe not in summer as I personally think that Fall and winter might look better. That being, Hallstatt is a very beautiful place and no matter which season you visit it, it will be a nice experience.)

(More information about the trip below)


Postcard from the trip:

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