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2 days-ish in Salzburg

We arrived in Salzburg in the evening on a rainy day. However, Salzburg itself was small than we thought as to get to our hotel, it took only 5-7 minutes by train to the other side of the city. That being said, we also notice how clean and cute the city was on the way to the hotel. the very next day, we had the entire day for ourself and we decided to forget about the list that I created and just look around as the city is very small. Despite the rain, I managed to get some (what I think) very good pictures and they will be shown down below. we did some climbing as well and the people of Salzburg were really friendly. Despite the fact that I couldn't really understand their accent when they were speaking german with me, they were at least trying to be very helpful. By the end of that day, we were both very tired and my shoes were completely soaked and wet (so I had to stuff my shoes with a lot of news papers inside it as the next day we will be heading for Hallstatt early in the morning).

After coming back from Hallstatt, we decided to take a walk in the city of Salzburg again as my friend and I really like the city so much and our train to Vienna is in the late afternoon.

More information in the video:


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