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24h in Munich

As our academic year is coming to an end and I will soon need to say goodbye to my best friends, we decided to go on a trip together to 6 different cities in 10 days. The first destination is Munich. We decided to take an overnight bus from Amsterdam to Munich. By arriving in the morning, we had the entire day look around Munich and a little more than half a day for the next.

On the first day, we arrived in Munich early in the morning, due to the reason that we were not able to enter our hotel room yet, we decided to walk around and also fuel our stomachs. (It was a very hot summer day to say the least). Despite the strong sunset during the midday, from afternoon (after we washed up and rest a little bit at our hotel) to the late evening, the city turned into a very nice city to walk around/chill and most importantly, take pictures. The sunny summer day also meant that we got to experience very nice sunset lights everywhere we walk to (as you will see in the pictures). We enjoyed walking around so much that our footstep count reached over 40,000 steps (would have been a lot higher had the phone battery lasted longer).

For dinner, we also went to a really nice German restaurant and tried out some traditional food (which you will see in the pictures as well). My friend ordered Schweinshaxe and some traditional Munich beer and I ordered Schnitzel and just water (as I don't drink alcohol [I know, I know.. I am a German who does not drink alcohol... weird huh...]).

The very next day, the weather was rainy but we decided to visit the some places that we didn't make it yesterday such as the city hall, some museums, royal garden, olympic park, and some more which you will see in the photos.

In the afternoon, we were off to catch our bus to Salzburg. :-)

(All the locations is listed in the video already)


Postcard from the trip:

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