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Cologne Christmas Markets

Cologne (Köln) is one of the many cities in Germany that host some of the very nice Christmas markets in Europe. It costed to me to get up at 2:30AM to catch the bus at 4:00AM from Rotterdam to Cologne. I went there with a group of friends (so do expect pictures of my friends in the set as well). The bus ride was long and boring but once we got off the bus, everything was better again. Arriving in the morning means that we could look around the city for a bit but due to the reason that one of the group members was carsick, we spent the entire afternoon trying to make her feel better as well as get some medicine for her. Then in the evening, I finally experience the cozy feelings from different Christmas markets in Cologne. Though I really don't like crowded places, I have to say that this Christmas market was worth squeezing through a lot of people to experience the taste of not the food but also the atmosphere. Of course, being me, getting the shots were equally as important. (Though I have to say that you should also focus on the atmosphere and the event that is taking place around you and appreciate it rather than only focusing on the shots... If you miss the shot then you miss the shot, but the same is also applied for the experience you get...)

We were almost late for the bus at around 10:00PM that would take us back to Rotterdam and arrive there at around 2:30AM... (tiring trip...)

Here are some postcards:

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