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Premiering my short film (84h film festival)

84h Film Festival is a film festival hosts by the Erasmus University Rotterdam (the university that I am currently attending). Every team will get 84 hours (after the starting time) to come up with an idea, write, film, edit and submit (by hand at the university). The film will also have to follow a theme and the requirements that are set.

The requirements are:

The solar powered flowers must be shown in the movie and there must a professor as well as a line "Nothing is more foolish than to be wise at the wrong time" . The film also must not be any where longer than 8 minutes.

The challenging part about the making of this movie was the fact that we all were in the middle of our final exams and assignments. Furthermore, everybody's schedule was not really the same, so time management was very challenging. The make matters worse, the weather were very different throughout the time that we had, so continuity part as well as sound recording evidently proved to be very challenging...

I have to admit that this film did not follow the plan and there were a lot of improvisation in post. However, I think that I had a very good team and I am honoured to have them as my teammates. Here is the result:

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