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First fine art nude photo shoot

Despite having taken nude photos before, the field of fine art nude was still something to experiment and explore. I love trying out new things and new type of photography was no exception. For this photoshoot I had a chance to work with a professional nude model who have been feature in some Dutch magazines in the past as well. Furthermore, she has been doing nude modelling for so many years, thus she is very experience in it. So not only that I was able to, what I think, get good pictures but she was able to make it better with her experiences in the past and gave some useful tips on posing fine art nude model.

Since Sofia (the model) was very experience, the start of the photoshoot was not awkward at all but rather very causal before the shooting could start. Even then, it was normal, as long as we both maintain our casualness but also our professionalism, everything went smooth. :-)

City: Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Here are some results (with trial images as well):

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