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4 days & 4 nights in Rome

This trip to Rome is a different type of trip. It is not a photography trip, not only because two of main cameras are broken but I am traveling with my girlfriend! Also, I am trying to look for my new way of photography. So I only took my mirrorless camera out most of the time (I did take my old 5d mark II on one day but after put it back after a few hours). (Most of the images were not edited and either taken by my iPhone 8 or Canon eos m50 with the standard kit lens).

We use our feet as a mean of transportation for most of the most part (except the last day when we use Uber to get to the train station and took the metro to the Vatican Museum and back. Then took the train from the train station to the airport to go back home). Rome is a big city, but walk around and you will know that many of the landmarks and hidden gems are hidden long the streets. Since we love to take pictures, we just go with the flow and as long as which side of the city we are at, we were always bound to see a some landmarks.


4th Jan:

I arrived in Rome airport at around 14:30pm and made my way to my accommodation (in the area of Trastevere) at around 16:00pm. I then went out to get some groceries and started cooking before having to pick up my beautiful (and lovely) girlfriend at around 19:30pm at the Colosseum. After picking up my girlfriend, we walked around the Colosseum for a little bit and then took the tram back.

5th Jan:

I spent most part of the day resting because my girlfriend was exhausted from her trip (Rome was our last stop and especially when she had been backpacking through Italy for almost the past two weeks) and I was also tired from my own trip as well. However, we decided to take a walk and explore our neighbourhood in the late afternoon and at night. It was a very romantic neighbourhood and we walked all the way to the fountain through many of the markets in between. We were then so surprised how small Rome really was and thought to ourselves that we maybe should just explore and get to places on foot rather than using the public transportation.

6th Jan:

We decided to go just started exploring the city in the morning by just walking around from our neighbourhood heading east a long the river. We went to the vintage market in the morning, it was very big and crowded. However, since there were a lot redundant sections, I did not take any photos and I also did not feel like slowing down the crowd. Then later we just explored through the streets of Rome and just see where we end up and some of the places are shown in the photos down below (most of the places weren't photographed or the photos got failed to be shown by my blog platform, I am sorry about this):

7th Jan:

We started off the day rather quite late but we devoted to day for the Vatican City and it's museum. However, since there were a lot of nice things to see and spending a lot of time climbing up and down the church as well as taking photos, we were not able to make it to the museum section and just leave it for tomorrow. We saw a very beautiful sunset and sunset sky that day before kissing and walked back home along the river where we also got some ice creams as well as souvenirs.

8th Jan:

Our last day, packing and museum day! I checked out of our accommodation at around noon and took an Uber to the Termini train station where we dropped off our luggages. On the way there, we saw a big Christmas tree being cut down as well as heavy rain started pouring. We said "we picked the right day for the museum!" We then bought two metro tickets at the train station after dropping off our luggages and took the metro to the Vatican Museum where we only had a few hours but it was just enough to see everything that we wanted to see and also leave to the airport. Though I have to mention that the baggage drop guys screwed up the system when we had to collect our bags that we also missed the train. Of course we came much earlier than we could have but it proved that being there earlier was worth it because we could have missed the train to the airport. Being back in Rotterdam was a weird feeling and a feeling that we didn't wanted to accept as we were back into our reality of school work, bad weather and some drama with certain people... But at least we enjoyed our time together and will soon be traveling together again:-)

(These are only some of the images, there are so many more beautiful images that I have but the blog system would not accept them, but I will try to upload them later!)

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