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Thorn & Roermond

A spontaneous trip to Thorn and end with Roermond in the evening. Thorn is another unique town in the southern part of the Netherlands. One of the unique aspects is the fact that the houses here follow the theme of white colour and you can see that right away as you enter the city/town, almost every houses are painted white. This town is a cute town but in order to get here, you will need to take the train to another city first and then take a bus from there to this town which can take up anywhere between half an hour to an hour. After we explored everything, we decided to have a picnic and then soon after try out their traditional pancakes. It was really nice:-) People there were friendly and just as we though we were the only Asians there, the Chinese and Korean tour group would arrive later that afternoon. After having the traditional pancakes, we decided to spontaneously take the bus from the town to Roermond, which is an outlet city. we did not really any Roermond that much but we ended up having dinner there because it would have been too late late to have dinner in Rotterdam. However, it was a nice trip overall and the sunset at Roermond was really nice and romantic. :-)



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