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4AM 2 Tulip Field (again) ;-)

Despite having done the same last year, we decided to do it again this year. My beautiful friend in the blue dress decided to go to the Tulip field again by waking up at 4am in the morning (well, earlier actually...) to go to the train station. However, what didn't really think about was the fact that there were no buses operating from Leiden to the field and after half an hour of searching and waiting, we decided (since we already woke up really early in the morning) to take the taxi to the field. It was more expensive that what the driver originally predicted but it was okay. Despite with missed the super early morning light, but I like some of the first trial shots and we visited the same fields that we visited last year. And it still didn't really disappoint (apart from the fact that my main camera, 5d mark iii, broke and I was only able to use my 5d mark ii).

During the shoot I learned a lot of Russian jokes such as if you want a Russian to do something, just tell them that there is Vodka in it. Sadly it didn't work on her when I said that there is vodka in the river and that she should jump in and that the photos should be terrific! :-)

On the way back, we were so tired and I was very sleepy, so we decided to cancel the plan of doing a "street/urban-style" photoshoot in Rotterdam city centre.

Here are some of the photos:

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