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First time in many times in Amersfoort

Despite having passed Amersfoort many times by train, this was a spontaneous decision to get off the train station and explore the city of Amersfoort (located in the Netherlands). I usually pass this city by train either on the way to and from Hannover or Berlin and the city gate (seen in the first picture) always catches my attention and always wanted to get out and visit it for once for the past four years. However, since this time it was a nice sunny weather and I was with my girlfriend coming back from our romantic trip in Hannover where she met my father for the first time (I've already written a post about this), we decided to spontaneously get off the train, put our luggages into the locker and explore the city for a bit. Also, since the new academic term would start in the up coming week, it just made sense.

When putting our luggages into the lockers, we found a nice old cute couple where we assisted them with their luggages as well and asked them if we could take photos of them. Then we went off to explore the city. The city was a very lovely, cute and nice city to explore. Though we did not encounter with a lot of people but there was an event preparing for the King's day as well as some marathons in the city with smaller festivals. That being said, since it was a Monday, it was hard for us to find shops where they sell water and ice cream and that proved to be hard for us to deal with especially when it was a boiling hot day.. Nonetheless, we had a lot of fun exploring and after quite a few hours, we decided to head back to Rotterdam.

Here are some of the photos from the little exploration: :-)

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