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1Day in Berlin

A spontaneous trip to Berlin on a hot summer day. This was not a photography trip of the landmarks nor of serious portrait photoshoots. But it was more of a trip visiting my sister for the last time before she moves to England. However, being me, we decided to do some fun photoshoots around Berlin and explore different cafes as well as different corners where I haven't really visited before.

All the photos in this post are non selected, meaning, because I wanted this to be the documentary of this trip, I feel like every shot, both unedited and edited, selected and non selected made it to this post (at least for the most part). It was a trip that is supposed to be fun for both of us and not a serious photo shoot session. :-)

For the first location (of course, after we had lunch at a Korean place and after the bubble tea, cafe explorations and exploring the hidden corners) is at the Museum Island:

We actually attempted to vlog on this trip but I am not sure a it will turned out as it was more of a second thought as we wanted to enjoy our time as well as the heat was way to high for both of us as well.. (hahaha)

Some of photos during the cafes, explorations and crazy post graduate feelings :-)

Some of the landmarks photos and by the way, the brown building model of the parliament building is made out of chocolate...

We had a really nice big Chinese food for dinner :-)

Location 2: (French Quarter)

Location 3: (shopping mall & Potzdamerplatz)

At this point, it was after dinner and it was super hot and getting late. But since my train was going to leave at around midnight, I wanted to kill some time and she was kind enough to hang around with me until I said goodbye to her at around 10pm.

After saying goodbye, I decided to take some long exposure shots around the train station just to kill some time as I was still at least an hour-ish early for the train. Unfortunately the parliament was fenced up and I was not able to get a good shot of it.. Well, I did not take any shots of it really... I at the end, we had a lot of fun together and I think that what mattered the most and I hope to be able to have more fun with this little dumpling-face sister in the near future!:-)

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