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 About me

I am both a photographer and a filmmaker based in the Netherlands, Germany and Thailand. I have been working in the field of photography and filmmaking for the past eight years and I have to admit that I am still learning a lot from every project that I do! I've done projects for both large clients and starting up clients and I believe in visually communicating as it is the most simplest way to communicate yet so meaningful in the same time.  

I grew up in rural Thailand then moved to Singapore later Germany and now in the Netherlands. It is not only the different cultures, languages, traditions and people that I've learned over the years. However, I also learned how to look at things and it's meanings differently. I was"lucky" to see how different parts of the world expresses visuals differently and learned from it. Before becoming a photography and a filmmaker, I was very passionated about piano. However, after failing one of the competitions, I found a new passion in photography. After a couple of experimental years into photography, I then upgraded to my first professional camera with a video mode and that also have changed my life. I started to learn how to film videos as well as started making my own filmmaking equipment such as dolly tracks, cameras sliders, camera crane and more. After a couple of years of learning and practicing by myself and with some small jobs, I then started to take on bigger video projects as well as producing my own short films. 

Even though I have done many video and photography projects I am definitely still learning a lot of new techniques, knowledge and about different clients (even in the same field and industry). Alongside, I am also working on series videos (on my YouTube account) helping new photographers to understand the basics of photography as well as picking the right cameras for themselves, working with old cameras and how to take good pictures with cheap budget cameras. I've also released a free photography guide book for beginners (click here to download it). Furthermore, I also run my own photography workshops in Rotterdam every month. Photography and filmmaking are two very unique fields because it allows people to express themselves and create something on their own that can tell the story, capture the moments and more and I am happy that I am able to help many people to get into photography and filmmaking and hope to get more people into it. 


During and after collage life, I've became obsessed with traveling and documenting my travel and the places I visit. Though my YouTube travel vlogs does not do this justice because I treat them more of a personal diary rather than entertainment videos for the audiences, the story really shows in my photos and how I spend time to document my trips and I really hope that from those pictures I can inspire more people to go out and experience the world as well as to document the story in their own visual way(s). 

Some of my clients include:



Mehr Aktion

Pröglhöf Wine

Pure Desmond

Turing Student 

Erasmus University Rotterdam

Pho Mien 3 Vietnamese restaurant

International School Hannover Region

I believe that though perfection may mean that you will never going to achieve it but you at least should try. This is the philosophy that I use in my work to make sure that I constantly always aim to deliver the best possible results at that given moment and time.




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Some of the behind the scenes video & pictures from some of the projects in the past (both personal and commercial projects.)

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