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My little escape trip :-)

My little escape trip as I was overwhelmed with so much workload. spontaneously decided to go to Amstelveen to see the Japanese Sakura park in the hope that I could get some really nice photos there as I missed it last year. I also spontaneously called my friend and asked him if he had time to hangout with me. After 2 to 3 hours at the park, we were done shooting and we had a very nice (unplanned) Japanese dinner in Amstelveen and it was very good. (Thanks bro for the treat):-)

Then we decided to head to Amsterdam and there I invited another friend of my to join, overall, it was a very fun day for me and make me have more motivation to go back to work!

Here is some of my postcards from that day: (Some of the photos of me were taken by Chew J. Ken)

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