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24h in Berlin

I know it was not long ago since I last visited Berlin, but this time is different. I wanted to travel to my favourite city before my academic year starts again. Since my best friend lives there and since the city is not for from my hometown any way, it is only logical to visit Berlin. :-) This time I wanted to visit the places that I did really go to last time when I was here with my other friends and I also wanted do some photo sessions as well with my best friend. (more details in the video below and some of the photos will be shown by the end of the video and in the photo gallery down below as well).

Even though I don't like the crowded places, I have to say that there is something about Berlin that I really like that keeps on making wanting to go back there and live there. It's also a very vibrant city with so many people from all around that world that you can get inspired.



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