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Prague and Berlin

Ending our 10-day trip in Prague and Berlin. The reason why I decided to join this two destinations together is because we did not have as much time in Berlin to explore every places. That being, we still managed to visit some very important places for tourists in both cities as show in both photos and videos. During our stay in Prague, it was a kind of a nice mixture of weather as on our first day, it was really hot and sunny whereas on the day when we were leaving, it was raining so hard. So I managed to get the pictures of the city with different feels to them. I have to say that I very much enjoyed Prague because of the arts, culture, architecture, and many more. It is such a nice city to be in (when it's not too crowded and too hot...). :-)

Berlin being my favourite city, I tried my best to show my friends around in Berlin as much as the time allow. However, we still didn't manage to cover every places or even as close to even half the amount of must see places on my list.

More of our experience in the video:


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