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1 Week in Tokyo

A spontaneous one week (27. December. 2017 - 02. January. 2018) trip in Tokyo - Japan.

Locations visited:

1. Shibuya Crossing

2. Shinjuku

3. Imperial Palace

4. Sensō-ji Temple Asakusa

5. Meiji Shrine

6. Kabuki-za Theatre

7. Ginza District

8. Tokyo Sky Tree

This trip to Tokyo was my first trip to Tokyo. Traveling to Tokyo during the international New Year time can be different than traveling to other destinations during this time. During New Year season, most Japanese people like to go back home to spend quality time with their family (such as having big meals together, going to the temple on the New Year day, and more activities with their family). What you will not see is chaos of people celebrating on the streets, fireworks or anything that is laud and chaotic.

Due to the reason that this was a spontaneous trip (I booked this trip about a week before I travel), I did not have a lot of time to plan out everything and also did not have enough time to think through everything (timing-wise of where to visit at what time). Furthermore, staying at a friend's place means that I also had to prioritise my friends as well and not only photography. There are also places that might be on your travel list that might not be opened during that time (I know there were at least two places that were closed during that time). There were also places where you will need to book (like the fish market that opens at around 3:00AM in the morning) that you might end up not even get the booking that you want at the end...

Traveling within Tokyo is not hard, you can efficiently get from one place to another with the rail line in Tokyo and a little bit of walking. This is also one of the cheapest way to get around rather than taking the taxis. Walking around Tokyo is also very nice has you will get the feel of culture and modern at the same time and as you walk around, there are always corners (sometimes hidden) where you can take photographs. Furthermore, there also a lot of nice Japanese restaurants a long where you can taste a lot of nice Japanese food as well. (You can see more in my One Week Tokyo Travel Vlog down below)

All in all, Tokyo city might seem like a city that does not have a lot of places to visit (that also depends on what kind of a traveler you are) but if you explore closely, there are a lot of gems in the city where you can end up spending a lot of time. It is also a very vibrant city and it is personally the second city after Berlin (for me) that really made me put away my cameras and just started observing the city. This is also very important when traveling to new places. Really take in the vibe and atmosphere as well as the environment of the surrounding and really truly appreciate the place where you are and you will enjoy the moment and will not regret the journey. :-)

My One Week Tokyo Travel Vlog:

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