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2 Days in Heidelberg

Heidelberg is one of the oldest cities in Germany situated in the southwest of Germany. This trip of mine is very different from all my other trips, however. For this trip, we did not focus on seeing every single landmarks that the city have to offer nor to photograph everything. It was more of a relax trip and stress release after the stressful situations that I was facing. We (my close friend and I) traveled with night buses from Rotterdam - Netherlands to Heidelberg - Germany with a 2 hour stop over at Mönchengladback - Germany. We began our trip right after our last final exam on Friday the 13th of April (Thai New Year) and arrived at around 4:00AM in Heidelberg. Our check in time for Airbnb was at 12:00PM.

Arriving early on the first day, we decided to wait until 6:00AM to start exploring parts of the cities and walk a long side the beautiful Neckar river. Walking along the river at that time and slowly seeing the morning sunlight was stunning and could not be captured with the camera nor explained the beauty in words. We also enjoyed the morning walk and the fresh air that the city had to offer. When we got closer to the old town, we decided to kill time by buying a day ticket for the public transport and just took the bus 35 from the old town to the terminal station and from that terminal station to another terminal station. Then we stopped over at the old town again. By that time, we started exploring the old town for a bit as well as took some photos on the old bridge of the city. At the time, the sun was already up and the fog has cleared up a little. After a while, we decided to take bus 33 and did the same thing. Then when the time got closer to lunch time, we decided to order curry sausage as takeaway and made our way to our Airbnb. After we checked in, we rested for over three and a half and then made our way to the castle.

If you wish to walk up to the castle, then it is free and the castle does not take in any entrance fee. However, if you would like to take the cable car up, it is 7 euros one way up and that's what we did. Then we spent about an hour at the castle but unfortunately the lighting was not so good for photographing the castle by the time we arrive (as shown in the photos). Furthermore, there were a lot of tourists unsurprisingly. We decided to walk down after we were done photographing and wondering around the castle.

The next day, we went to the old town and then crossed over to the other side and went up the Heiligenberg. We spent so much tim walking up the mountain as google maps got us lost at some point and certain paths were a little bit challenging for us as we were not that prepared to walk up the mountain (at the end, we figured out that there were buses as well as driving on the other side of the mountain to the city centre). Then we spent about an hour at the top and just chill there. On the way down, we passed the Bismark-Säule and then we spent some time after sunset at the Philosophy trail before making our way back to the city centre for dinner. After dinner, we took the bus 34 from the city centre to the end station and went back (pretty much a round trip) to kill time as our bus back to Amsterdam leaves at 0:40AM.

Overall, Heidelberg is indeed a small city but with very nice people and beautiful and romantic sceneries. I would highly recommend this city to anyone and it is well worth it. :-) Thank you so much for viewing this post and I wish you all a nice adventure!:-)

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