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An Analogue Afternoon in Delft

I recently just got an analogue camera (Nikon EM). Though it is not my first analogue camera but I still wanted to test it out but more importantly I wanted to travel with my girlfriend (a sweet escape) to any near by city. So Delft was the chosen city as it has a lot of cute houses with traditional Dutch art and architectures as well as lovely people. It was also a rare sunny day in the month of November for this part of Netherlands. So why not go on a trip right?

This blog post is mainly me showing the photos I've got from the trip rather than explaining about the trip and the city because I feel like I've done that before a couple of times for Delft. :-) All the photos are shot with 1 roll of Kodak ISO 400 colour film and was not edited.

So here are the pictures:

Some pictures not from Delft but from the same roll of film shot on the way to Delft:

I loved the trip in general but more important, I love her:-)

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