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Morning in R'dam, Evening in A'dam

A photo assignment/shoot trip in Rotterdam and Amsterdam that does not feel like work at all. In fact, it felt more like having a photo shoot with a friend because it was rather quite fun despite how unfriendly the weather was.

Basically, my client was a doctor on exchange the Erasmus Medical Centre here in Rotterdam and needed some photos to promote the exchange programme in her country (the Philippines) so we decided to do the photo shoot both in Rotterdam and Amsterdam, Rotterdam in the morning and Amsterdam in the evening as she will anyhow have to take the flight next morning to Italy. The weather is for the most part was dry in the morning for Rotterdam and the photo shooting went smoothly. We then had lunch in Rotterdam before heading to her place to grab her stuff and took the train to her hotel at the Schipol Airport (Amsterdam airport).

By the time we were done with everything, the sun had already set. But it's okay, Amsterdam is known for romantic night life, so after having dinner at a Thai restaurant, we went around to shoot some more photos (we already shot some before the dinner). The weather in Amsterdam by this time was however, not as friendly. We were getting nice lighting from the street lights as well as the lights lit up by the houses. We also had to stay under the roof of a street bakery shop where the rain was poring down on us... (haha)...

All in all, we had a lot of fun with the photo shoot:-) All photos taken with the Canon EOS 6D Mark II.

Here are some of the photos:

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