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Heidelberg unexpected

It is often the unforeseen things that end up being the most meaningful things. Looking back at the beginning of the year, I also went to Heidelberg but with another friend of mine (there's even a vlog about it). During that trip (off camera), I told her that Heidelberg is such a beautiful city, if I had a girlfriend, I'd bring her here. Then on the 11th of October, Fang (my currently girlfriend) and I got in a relationship (I never expected her to say yes to a guy like me but I guess that I am very lucky to have that chance and to have her!).

Anyway, Christmas break started on the 15th of December. By the 20th, she left for Germany and her holidays started. I thought that we would never see each other until the 8th of January of next year. (However, as seen by this blog post and my Rome blog post, something happened!). On the 25th of December, my dad told me that he will bring me to Heidelberg because he had a meeting in Frankfurt and I was very depressed from missing my girlfriend (first world problem), so I joined. I later told my girlfriend about it and much to our surprise, we were able to meet and hangout for the entire day in Heidelberg before she had to leave for Milan with the over night bus at around mid night (YES!).

The 27th came and I was read to see her. After meeting with her, we just dropped her luggages off at the main train station of Heidelberg and off we went to "explore" the city. We mainly just took a long walk looking for a nice place to have lunch (we found a cosy Italian place) and then soon after we found a Japanese tea house, which we went in as well to have tea and snacks. After that we then slowly made our way up the mountain to the castle and wondered around as well as took some pictures up there. Then we took the cable car down to the city centre and found a cosy Christmas market where we bought Kinderpunsch and some souvenirs. We later continue looking around the Christmas market and went to some small cosy streets to have a look at book shops and other cute shops. We had a nice warm bowl of vegetarian soup for dinner and took a walk along the river and on the old bridge before my dad passed us with the car and head home. However, we also had to slowly walk back to the main train station to send her off and to surprise, there were no more train to my hometown, Hannover. So I joined her to Mannheim and then took the express train to Hannover with one change that costed 99 euros. However, all of these expenses were worth it just to have some time with my girlfriend. To kill time on the train, I started booking tickets and accommodations in Rome and later will join her there because I miss her so much that I want to spend more time with her before the holidays are over..

But coming back to the point of it is often the unforeseen things that end up being the most meaningful things. In the beginning of the year, I told me friend about taking my future girlfriend to the city and how romantic it would be, here I am by the end of the year walking with my girlfriend in Heidelberg and it was indeed very romantic! I will be visiting this place again soon with my girlfriend! :-)

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