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1 Day in Leipzig

I got a job for a green energy in Leipzig for this summer and what a great opportunity to also take out my new mirrorless camera (Canon Eos M50) and explore this city East German city.

Leipzig is a big city that has a lot of history. This can be seen by the music (Bach lived and died here by the way) from classical to punk, indie and what have you. Architecture also plays a role, from the eastern European styles mixing with the western European and german architectural styles. I saw many type of Arts within the city as well as.

Coming here by train, you will be welcomed by the big train station but depending on where you exit the station, you can see the more "dodgy" look of the city of you can see the more developed/business side of the city. Do expect graffiti to be everywhere as well. The people of Leipzig are very chill, calm and friendly but they can be more of hippies as well. You will see quite a number of people in the city walking barefoot even in the department stores.

But all in all, from my short time there, I can say that the city definitely have many interesting corners as well as really old historical places with modern buildings. The people are friendly and the city definitely worth a visit. I would definitely visit it more often if my hometown (Hannover) were closer to Leipzig.

Here are some pictures from Leipzig:

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